• “I purchased some parts for my car that I would like for you to install. How much would it cost?”
    Sorry, but in order for us to provide the best service on all levels, we only install parts purchased from us. We do not install parts purchased elsewhere.

  • Can you guys perform an E-Tune (tuning via e-mail of logs) on my vehicle?”
    No, we do not perform E-Tunes and have zero intention of doing so in the future. We have built our business as a facility that operates everything in house. From our engines, to our transmissions and most certainly our Mustang AWD Dyno and 2WD DynoJet for tuning – all work is performed under our roof which we believe leads to us delivering nothing but top quality performance cars. We won’t trade quality for easy money.

  • “My CEL came on ~ Do you know what’s wrong and how much it would cost to fix?”
    Yes, we can definitely help you with your vehicle’s problems. However, modern vehicles are much more complicated than yesterday’s vehicles. Please contact us with your issues at info@sp-power.com. We require vehicles to be in our facility for all troubleshooting. No phone calls.

  • “I called you about some parts that were out of stock and never heard back from you! What’s going on?”
    Our first priority has always been to take care of our current customers who have orders in production or cars within our shop. We do our best here, but please always feel welcome to give us a ring or e-mail to follow up on a past inquiry!

  • I purchased some special order parts with SP Engineering and would like to know how long until they come in”
    Our goal is always to get you your parts as fast as possible. Sometimes a manufacturer is not able to meet their expected production time leading to a longer than expected wait. Please e-mail us with your invoice number (or order number if purchased online) and one of our staff will get back to you in an appropriate time with an updated ETA.

  • I want SP Engineering to do a full engine and power build on my vehicle”
    Building big power is what we do! If you are seriously interested in doing a bespoke engine / vehicle build, please detail your goals and budget to info@sp-power.

  • Can I see the invoices of a car I just purchased which was originally built at SP Engineering?”
    First, we will only share past invoices with the person who’s name is on the invoice. Second, invoices are only available to be shared on paper for up to two years after the purchase. This must all be handled through our email at info@sp-power.com.