Akrapovic Exhaust + 2016 Nissan Nismo R35 GT-R


There have been a few variants of the Nismo brand here in the United States over the years. Some we would like to forget (Juke / Sentra), and some more successful executions as seen for the 350z and 370z. But none really produce the gravitation and allure as when Nismo brought us their rendition of the R35 GT-R. 600 factory horsepower, carbon bumpers, new interior, carbon wing, and Rays forged wheels help deliver what the people want. However.... and this is a big however - the Nismo exhaust does nothing to change the limp note of VR38DETT. 

This is where the Akrapovic exhaust comes into play. Akrapovic is world renown for having some of the best quality exhausts on the market. This specific model installed was one Akrapovic's complete 85mm titanium system with the optional carbon fiber tips. 



First step is the removal of all the under trays on the GT-R. Which is quite a lot. These are removed through removing some basic bolts and push clips. However, you need to be careful through this entire process whether you're dealing with a Nismo or standard GT-R. These under trays are composite parts and come with the GT-R tax from Nissan which will run into the $1,000s if you need to replace them. This caution is extended even more so when removing the exhaust section as damaging the rear diffuser on a Nismo model will run you close to $15,000 and a long wait from Japan for a replacement. 

Rear diffuser or 2018 Sentra? Both cost about the same and both are coming from Nissan. 


This is the nice and tight we like here at SPE :)

This is the nice and tight we like here at SPE :)


I don't mean to harp too much about the cost of these parts, but we have seem some horrible fitments come from manufacturers often considered reputable and popular among the community. Poor fitting exhaust may rub on sections of the diffuser or have tips that stick much too far out. This increases the likelihood of damage to the body of the car in the future, and may speak to the quality of R&D regarding performance & sound. 



Another day and another happy customer. There is no big plans for this Nismo GT-R to hit 1000+ HP or modify much that takes away from the original design. Simply, the customer wanted to add a bit of noise to the car to help enjoy his everyday driving. Along with this, he wanted to only add something that would closely match the quality of a Nismo original part. In this scenario, Akrapovic was the perfect choice.