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    • SPE Attends Shift S3ctor Airstrip Attack 8

      A few months ago, we attended the 8th Airstrip Attack event hosted by Shift S3ctor at the New Coalinga Municipal Airport in Coalinga, CA (221 miles north of SPE). We brought out a total of 6 GT-Rs, 2 of which were Nismo's! It was nice seeing other returning customers make the drive up from LA to witness the event and to build a stronger relationship with us. 

      David Wong
    • SPE Attends No Fly Zone 5


      We attended No Fly Zone 5 a couple weeks back in Shafter, CA hosted by Omega Motorsport.  No Fly Zone is a 1/2 mile side by side roll racing event and is open to anyone looking to throw down some fast speed and all around side by side fun with an opponent seeking for the same thrill.

      SP Engineering
    • RPS Carbon-Carbon Brake Kit

      Good day, SP readers!  This past year we've attended two Shift-S3ctor events hosted at the Coalinga Municipal Airport Strip in Coalinga, CA.  Having done these 2 events alongside our customers, it allowed us to retain valuable information that needed to be addressed in the future.  While having 1600WHP and clocking over 200MPH is badass, it won't do you any good if you don't have proper brakes to back it up.

      SP Engineering
    • RevoZport Tesla Model S "R-Zentric"

      Tesla Model S R-Zentric

      One of the leading brands in minuscule aftermarket automotive exterior/interior parts has brought a little more life to the Tesla Model S'. With the help of RevoZport's design and R&D team, your Tesla Model S can now mean something more than just a fast electric car...

      SP Engineering