JRZ Triple Adjustable Coilovers: 2009+ R35 GT-R

JRZ Triple Adjustable Coilovers: 2009+ R35 GT-R




An easy to use system, the Triple Adjustable Damper enables the chassis tuner to achieve the desired mass control and handling with precision. 

Digressive high speed compression blow off adjustment allows for a stiff compression valving while maintaining smooth response and without losing traction. The low speed adjustment is a powerful tool that enables the chassis tuner to maximize grip and optimize vehicle balance.

The result is a damper that provides ultimate chassis and ride height control with maximum mechanical traction. 

The JRZ standard large 22mm piston rod works in concert with the high speed valving to maximize blow off valve response, achieving solid chassis control without using a high spring rate. JRZ Triple Adjustable dampers are shipped with 360 degree swivel hoses and are available with zero-inclusion quick disconnects for mounting canisters within the chassis for ease of adjustment accessibility. 

Our proven piston has been developed to deliver a smooth and responsive damping characteristic. To customize track to tracks setups and tailor the chassis to the driver; the JRZ Triple Adjustable Damper has an adjustment range able to provide damping to spring configurations ranging from 1.5-6Hz on vehicles with moderate to large aerodynamic loads. Even with a large range, each adjustment is designed to be a small, even step giving precision and confidence when making changes.

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