Long gone are the days when the encrypted GT-R ECU was considered “uncrackable”. While a stock R35 is capable of running mid to high 11-second quarter-miles, tuners were aiming for faster and faster elapsed times. The 11-second barrier was soon broken, followed by 10-second. Competition heated up as everyone, including SP Engineering, was chasing for that sub-9-second run. It is one thing to dip into the 8-second territory, or to run even a low 9-second pass, but it is another to do so consistently. SP Engineering has been able to do both with our project and customer cars.

Achieving reliability and consistency is equally important to us as obtaining the world record for the fastest R35 GT-R. Below is a compilation of R35’s with various SPE R35 packages that have ran a sub 9-second quarter-mile. This serves as a testament to the performance of our packages. We would like to thank our customers and friends who have supported us along the way and contributed their valuable feedback so we can further develop and improve our packages. We hope to continue to add to the list and leave our mark in the record books.