Alpha 9 Bolt-On Turbo Upgrade: 2009+ R35 GT-R

Alpha 9 Bolt-On Turbo Upgrade: 2009+ R35 GT-R

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P/N: ALP.07.14.01011


The AMS Alpha 9 Turbo Upgrade provides stock spool-up, neck-snapping torque and horsepower that will transform the already mighty GT-R into a true supercar! Designed as a direct bolt-on for your existing factory turbochargers, you can expect gains starting at 225hp/175ft lbs with the proper supporting mods and tuning! At full boost with race gas these turbos are capable of over 900 Horsepower! 


• Direct factory replacement with NO cutting or trimming required
• Capable of over 900hp depending on boost and octane level
• 225hp and 175ft lbs of torque gains on just pump gas! 
• Factory like fitment, even incorporates the factory heat shielding
• OEM look that is hard to detect
• Utilizes machined OEM turbine and compressor housings
•Assembled with a True Garrett GT series ball-bearing center section
•The latest in billet wheel turbo technology for superior power & efficiency

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