SPE Spec Race Intercooler Kit: 2009+ R35 GT-R

SPE Spec Race Intercooler Kit: 2009+ R35 GT-R

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Our Race intercooler kit includes full aluminum piping along with optional titanium upper piping for those using the Greddy RX manifold. This Intercooler is significantly larger compared to the stock OEM intercooler and most other aftermarket intercoolers. The flanges are made for a Tial BOV which we include with the kit. We designed this kit to limit any use of silicon elbows. All of our couplers are straight in design. We made sure to have extra bends in the piping to ensure the best possible flow over the use of silicon elbows throughout the piping system. This is not an issue with the SPE Spec intercooler. All necessary couplers, hose clamps, and hardware is included with the kit. 


intercooler Core (22x14x4.5) 
Full 3.0" Aluminum Piping optional
Clears Factory Crash Beam
Clears Factory Bumper Cover
Clears Factory Under Tray
Clears Factory Fender Wells

GReddy Intake Manifold with SPE Spec Ti Up-Pipe:
Powder Coating for GReddy RX Intake Manifold:
Throttle Body:
Tial Q BOV Color:
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