HKS Full Intercooler Piping Kit: 2009+ R35 GT-R

HKS Full Intercooler Piping Kit: 2009+ R35 GT-R

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P/N: 13002-AN004


HKS Intercooler Full Piping Kit, by design, increase the efficiency and performance over the factory intercooler pipe system.

The application specific kit utilizes either buff polished aluminum pipes to replace the factory rubber/plastic intercooler pipes.

Factory intercooler piping has the tendency to expand, come loose or crack under increased boost conditions.

The use of HKS intercooler piping offers increased durability, consistent boost pressure, and an attractive appearance.

Steady and/or higher boost pressure plus improved response are typical gains from installing an HKS intercooler pipe upgrade kit.

Each HKS kit includes:

  • 2 inlet pipes
  • 4 outlet pipes
  • 10 silicone hoses
  • 1 SQV4 kit
  • Neccessary hardware to install the kit


  • SQV4 is added to the Piping Kit (P/N 13002-AN003).
  • Replacing the factory rubber hose with the aluminum pipes included in this kit improves durability under high boost pressure.
  • Pipe diameter was enlarged to 65mm from 60mm. It supports high power performance.
  • Provided purple silicone hoses have HKS logo on.
  • Buff polished aluminum pipes improved the appearance in the engine compartment.
  • This kit is included in the GT570 and GT600 kits.
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