Rexpeed M-Style CF Splitter: 2009-2011 R35 GT-R

Rexpeed M-Style CF Splitter: 2009-2011 R35 GT-R


P/N: N15


Made from twill weave carbon fiber with clear coat finish. Fitment is spot on, as for the quality you wont be disappointed guaranteed! Splitter is full replacement over the factory splitter and is roughly half the weight of the OEM piece. You will be surprised at how light these carbon splitters are compared to the OEM splitter. Installation is straight forward it utilizes OEM mounting locations for easy install. We are currently shipping the splitter to USA and Canada only. If you live in different country please email us for shipping price. Available in gloss and matte finish make sure select which one you prefer. Fits 2009-2011 models only.


Note: This product is originally $870.00 (from $970.00). Our price reflects an additional $349.00 charge for mandatory express shipping.

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