Mine's Carbon Grill: 2012-2016 R35 GT-R

Mine's Carbon Grill: 2012-2016 R35 GT-R

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Mine's Carbon Front Grill functionality has changed together with the design change of the 2012 R35 GT-R. At Mine's, thinking on how to more efficiently cool the radiator through the induction space of the grill, 3 fins where added to the grill to produce a vortex effect to push more air into the grill area. We were able to cool more efficiently even though the intake of air is the same with the addition of the fins. The installation points are the same as the stock grill, so no modifications are needed to install. The grill is made from twill weave wet carbon. A layer of clear coat is applied to protect from the UV rays. Construction : Carbon Twill weave Surface Process : Clear Paint


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