GReddy R35 Racing Titanium Exhaust: 2009+ R35 GT-R

GReddy R35 Racing Titanium Exhaust: 2009+ R35 GT-R

3,780.00 4,200.00

P/N: 10122605


80mm, dual sideways mufflers, 4x tips

Better Sound, More Performance, Lighter weight! The GReddy 80mm (3.15") PE-Ti weighs only 19lbs! 
With larger 80mm (3.15") diameter piping, the PE-Ti is still 46% lighter then the smaller, heavier factory exhaust (36lbs.) This full Titanium construction R35 GTR exhaust starts just behind the "Y-pipe" to a single 80mm diameter mid-pipe. Then smoothly "Y"s to large full dual 80mm, straight through oval GReddy mufflers and exits via quad-80mm diameter piping and 115mm "burnt" Titanium tips, for classic GReddy sound. 

Test showed over 20hp increase in stock R35 GTRs without any other tuning.


Note: Due to the valvetronic servo that comes standard on 2017 GT-R's, a COBB AP3 or EcuTek is required to clear CEL P26DE.

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