SP Engineering 4.1L Stroker Kit: 2009+ R35 GT-R

SP Engineering 4.1L Stroker Kit: 2009+ R35 GT-R




SP Engineering's VR38DETT 4.1L stroker kit for the 2009+ Nissan R35 GT-R. This is a .3L increase over the factory engine producing more low to mid range torque reducing turbo lag and improving boost response. Our crankshaft features a REM Isotropic Superfinish. The REM process is an isotropic surface finishing process that produces a non-linear, low Ra finish that improves wear properties and reduces friction. In the Motorsports world, numerous engine parts are REM finished. Bryant Racing is the only crankshaft manufacturer to offer the true REM finish (in house) in the industry. The crank also features scalloping as well as knife edged counterweights to reduce weight and increase crankshaft aerodynamics which comes standard on 3 of our SPE power packages. 


SPE CP Pistons: 95.50mm Bore, 10.5:1 Compression, Skirt Coating
SPE CP Pistons Upgraded Wrist Pins (1600HP+) 
SPE Carrillo Rods (H Beam) 
SPE Bryant Racing Billet Crankshaft: REM, Knife Edged
Rod Bearings 


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