GReddy Airinx Suction Kit: 1995-2002 Skyline GTR

GReddy Airinx Suction Kit: 1995-2002 Skyline GTR

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GReddy Airinx and GReddy Air Intake Systems are designed to provide a easy and simple solution for helping increase air intake flow to your vehicle’s engine. When super high-flow is important, for specific turbo applications, a free flowing dual-ply, 3 dimensional urethane foam element with inner funnel adapter may be recommended. While for more everyday use, an application specific or universal GReddy Air Intake System with 4-layer synthetic, deep pleated, air intake filter system will be the ideal choice. All GReddy air intake systems feature a dry filter element to protect sensitive O.E. intake sensors. 
Airinx Air Intake Kits, are complete vehicle specific systems. 

*****This product is special order and will take 8-12 weeks to make and process.***** 
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