TiTek Billet High Volume Fuel Rail Kit: 2009+ R35 GT-R

TiTek Billet High Volume Fuel Rail Kit: 2009+ R35 GT-R

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P/N: TIT-NIS-50015


•The OEM fuel rail has a restrictive boss within the tube causing an interruption of fuel flow in builds with high power. The TiTek fuel delivery tube greatly improves this flow capacity with centerlined injectors and a straightened main tube, as well as increasing the inner diameter to 14mm. The inner diameter of the connecting lines was also increased to 10mm using AN8 fittings and -8 Teflon lined fuel safe hoses. 

•The factory fuel pressure regulator and the dampener can be mounted directly on the rail thanks to the included flanged fittings and -8 AN fittings. Upgraded fuel pressure regulators is also an option. 

•The mounting bracket is separated from the main tube to allow adjustable mounting height while maintaining original injector mounting angle. 

•We have confirmed that our rail works with ID1000, *ID1600, ID2000, Sard800 and factory injectors. 


* The adjustment range is 2.5mm above and 3.5mm lower from the OEM injector position. 

* The mounting brackets must be modified if you intend to use upgraded injectors on the factory fuel rail. This can be done by slotting the holes. However, due to injector length differences, and the fuel rail not being mounted perpendicular to the injector boss, there is a possibility of fuel and/or air leak. 

* Slight modifications are required to make the ID1600 injector fit to the required length. 

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