AAM Competition S-Line Fuel System: 2009+ R35 GTR

AAM Competition S-Line Fuel System: 2009+ R35 GTR

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Through removing the restrictive factory non-adjustable fuel pressure regulator as well as several restrictions around the factory fuel pressure regulator, smoother fuel flow is achieved. These improvements allow for the addition of an adjustable 1:1 fuel pressure regulator. You can now set your base fuel pressure, properly raise fuel pressure under high boost and, in effect, increase the power limit of your injectors. 

AAM Competition’s S-Line Fuel Systems are hand built in the USA and are comprised of stainless steel braided and Teflon-lined fuel lines mated to high quality AN fuel fittings. A smooth bore PTFE (Teflon) inner liner was chosen for its distinct advantages over standard rubber inner liners and gives the AAM Competition fuel systems a step-up vs. the competition. 

The PTFE inner liner is impervious to all fuels and alcohols (E85) and possesses an ultra high burst pressure rating guaranteeing the best long term reliability. Additionally, Teflon eliminates fuel permeation that creates the raw fuel smell so prevalent in standard rubber lined fuel systems. If you garage your GT-R at home, Teflon fuel lines are an absolute must. We then go the extra mile by incorporating the highest quality fuel pressure regulators from Aeromotive, the proven leader in fuel pressure control and durability.

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