Defi Advance Control Unit

Defi Advance Control Unit

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P/N: DF07703


Defi-Link ADVANCE SYSTEM is the next generation system that adopted the interactive communication. 

Defi-Link ADVANCE Control Unit is necessary to operate ADVANCE CR, ADVANCE BF, and ADVANCE ZD. 

The product of Defi-Link ADVANCE SYSTEM cannot be connected with the product of Defi-Link SYSTEM. It is not compatible with the product of Defi-Link SYSTEM.

  • Interactive communication advanced system is implemented. 
  • ADVANCE Control Unit can control up to 7 Defi-Link Meter ADVANCE CRs at a time. 
  • Gauges can be controlled from distance with the included switch unit. 
  • Opening and closing modes can be selected from 2 variations. 
  • The installation of additional gauges is easy. Just connect it with the other two gauges and attach the wire to Advance Control Unit. 
  • Power Indicator of ADVANCE Control Unit assures correct wiring. 
  • Warning by buzzer sound when the warning LED is on (buzzer sound can be turned on / off). 
  • Peak value and warning value during driving are stored. Driving data can be stored and replayed up to 3 minutes. 
  • With both fuel pressure gauge and turbo installed, differential pressure can be monitored on the fuel pressure gauge screen. 
  • ADVANCE Control Unit is threadably mountable.
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