Defi Advance BF - Turbo (60mm/120kPa)

Defi Advance BF - Turbo (60mm/120kPa)

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P/N: DEFI-10001 / DEFI-10002 / DEFI-10003


Defi has released the Advance BF gauge to replace the previous model, the Defi-Link Meter BF.  The Advance BF requires the use of the Defi-Link Advance Control Unit.


Features of this gauge include:


  • Stepper motor offers accurate and quick response to changing inputs
  • Brightness can be controlled by 5 different levels for daytime and nighttime.
  • Peak and warning value are stored for up to 3 minutes of replay data.
  • Mounting bracket, meter cup, and regular position bezel are included with gauges.


New features of this gauge:


  • Increased LED brightness, twice the lighting compared to previous versions
  • Buzzer sounds when the Warning LED is on.  ( this feature can be turned off)
  • Separate Warning and Peak Indicators on the gauge face.
  • The face does black out when gauge is turned off ( like the Defi-Link Meter BF).
  • Self-Diagnosis system turns the warning LED to indicate any short circuit, wire disconnection, or other errors.


Defi-Link Meter Advance BF (60mm), Boost -100kPa~+120kPa. 

Note: Defi-Link ADVANCE Control Unit is necessary to operate ADVANCE BF Meters. SOLD SEPARATELY.

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