AAM Competition R-MAF Upgrade: 2009+ R35 GT-R

AAM Competition R-MAF Upgrade: 2009+ R35 GT-R

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The AAM Competition R-MAF Meter is an important addition to any GT-R making over 550hp with factory air boxes, 625hp with 2 ¾” intakes, or 700hp with 3” intakes (500awhp, 575awhp, and 630-650awhp respectively). A direct bolt-in upgrade with no splicing of any wiring required and a factory functioning air temperature sensor, the R-MAF Meter is engineered to provide stock like idling and low-throttle drivability while more than doubling the range of the factory MAF sensors. The R- MAF’s extended range allows them to be used with engines with as much as 1,500hp with upgraded tubes. 

Benefits of the AAM Competition R-MAF Meter:

  • Includes 2 R-MAF Upgrade Meters 
  • Approximately 220% increased readout over the factory sensor Supports up to 1500hp 
  • Cures the P0700 Code issue frequently experienced on high power GT-R’s 
  • Direct replacement to the original MAF sensor & wiring harness (no cutting or splicing, drops and plugs right in) 
  • Calibrated to slightly exceed the range of the intake in which it is installed. Sensor won't “peg” yet still has excellent resolution 
  • Factory like low-load characteristics, allows the transmission to shift properly & eliminates limp modes 
  • Can be used in almost any intake system configuration (including blow through intake systems) 
  • R-MAF calibration files included (including fuel multiplier/tuning recommendations for different power levels) 
  • Every sensor is repeatable within OEM specs
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