SP Engineering - Est. 1996

SP Engineering started in 1996 to address the growing market of street tuners in the Los Angeles area. SPE focused on the Japanese aftermarket industry and began building cars with massive horsepower.



A Legacy is Born

Word spread quickly in the underground scene that SP Engineering was the place to go for high quality builds. Soon we gained followers and created a legacy that has only gotten stronger over time.


Recognition and Respect

SP Engineering has always put effort into making customer builds look as if the car was straight from the factory. The auto industry began to gravitate towards our mentality of clean and reliable design. Soon, our customer's cars were featured in all of the top auto industry magazines. Several of which made the cover of big names like; Turbo & High Performance, Dsport, Import Tuner and many more...


SP Engineering - Home of the worlds fastest Supras

The Toyota Supra MKIV has long been one of the most customized cars since its debut. During the tuning scene's peak, SPE was world renowned for our incredible performance, as well as stylistic choices, for this car. Our most successful example of this is the infamous "Blackie" owned by Ken Henderson. With over ten magazine articles, two covers and one book; this Supra is the definition of how far we can push a car to perfection.


Innovators not Imitators

With the success of our shop and our ever-growing ecommerce sales, it was time to upgrade to a new facility. In 2001, we moved into a 13,000 sqft shop with 5 lifts and two state-of-the-art dynos. The facility also had a larger area to house inventory and a bigger office to run day-to-day operations. Driving Line Visit and Speedhunters Visit


Mazda RX-7 | Chasing Perfection

Ground-breaking performance isn't a term you throw around lightly. We have worked night and day to attain performance levels unheard of by any other tuning specialist. With the aid of a body work specialist, the harmony of sleek lines and hair-standing exhaust tunes make for an astonshing work of art. For a complete write-up, click here.


SP Engineering's Supra-7

By now, the foundation had been laid for something epic. SPE had built up many cars and developed a reputation for excellence. A special project began to develop based on two of their flagship tuning specialties; Mazda RX-7 and Toyota Supra. Essentially, we took an RX-7 body and fitted a Supra 2JZ-GTE engine to it, and the rest is history. For more information and a complete write-up, click here.


1995 Nissan 240sx "Silvia"

The stock Nissan 240SX boasts a measly 155 hp while it's counter part, "Silvia", pumps out around 217 hp. As far as we're concerned here at SPE, we can do better. We swapped an SR20DET and added a T78 turbo into the 240SX. Then we increased boost to 14 psi which gave us a massive 410 whp. WIth a little help from Bomex and our friends at 20/20 Autobody, the outcome was gorgeous and our customer was very satisifed. 1995 Nissan 240SX Silvia write-up


Greddy Sales of the year

we won top selling wholesaler of the year two times from greddy racing



Godzilla Attacks - 710 HP R33 Skyline

With less than 100 R33 Skylines in the United States, it's rare see one in person. Boss man was fortunate enough to own one, and for his birthday, he wanted to make it something special. Without touching the block, he managed to pull an incredible 710 whp with the aid of top-of-the-line HKS bolt on turbos and ECU unit. 710 hp R33 Skyline


Fat & Furious - Widebody Nissan 350Z

Bill Chen's seductive Nissan 350Z was brought to us bone stock. Along with the cosmetic magicians of 20/20 Autobody, we took this run-of-the-mill 350Z and turned it into a widebody beast. Using GReddy's twin-turbo kit and a series of other tricks, we were able to push 425 whp and 384 lb-ft of torque at a conservative 16 psi while using nearly all stock internals. Fat & Furious - Widebody 350Z


Lambo Power - Modified Murcielagos

As our skills and expertise grew stronger, so did our affinity for power. The Lamborghini Murcielago has proven to be one of the most reliable platforms to tune.


SPE & Nissan R35

After five years of silence, Nissan's flagship car the GTR was reborn into an endlessly tunable monster. Initially, due to ECU limitations, we could only provide simple bolt on power. However, once our friends over at COBB Tuning were able to crack the ECU, all hell broke loose. So much so, that we continue to make great strides in performance to this day. With our most powerful creation "SPE Godzilla" we have been able to push upwards of 1600+ hp. Yes, you read that correctly. It is truely astonishing to think of the amout of man-hours and sweat we put into our cars. One thing's for certain, our work speaks for itself. SP Engineering R35


Nissan R34 Skyline - 1000 HP

At this point, SP Engineering has a lot of experience under its belt and is thirsty for more. The opportunity came when an R34 Skyline was brought to our doors. What happend next was unbelievable... SP Engineering's 1000 HP Skyline