SPE650 is the perfect introductory package for those who want more power from the stock internals. SPE650 consists of bolt-on components that significantly improve the performance of the Nissan GT-R. OEM air filters are replaced with after market counterparts to increase airflow efficiency. In addition to performance parts, fine-tuning of each vehicle is performed by our master technicians with the aid of the COBB AccessPORT to fully realize the power of the GT-R. A gain of over 120+ hp is achieved on pump gas alone.

This package is meant for those wanting more power out of the factory turbochargers. Owners can decide to upgrade to a higher package at a later time and still reuse components of SPE650. This added flexibility eases the worry of owners who want to seek more thrill in the future and upgrade to one of our more powerful GT-R performance packages.


Horsepower - PUMP GAS: 600+ HP
Price - $6999.00 US (Labor not included)
For more info - [email protected]

Package Includes

SPE SPEC - 3.5" race exhaust (HKS)
SPE SPEC - 3.5" race mid-pipe (HKS)
TITEK - 3.5" cast bellmouth turbo downpipe (LIFETIME WARRANTY)
SPE - custom computer calibration
COBB - v3 accessport ecm control

Optional Upgrades

COBB - v3 accessport tcm control
TITEK - 3.5" titanium mid pip (race) & exhaust system (race)
TITEK - titanium coolant reservoir tank
TITEK - titanium front diffuser support beam