I've been meaning to make this post a few months back. But with the restructuring of our website and being heavily packed and busy with other tasks around the office, I haven't been able to update the blog consistently in almost 7 months. For today's article, as cliche as it may sound, it's better late than never.

In March of 2015, Wilson's life ended as he fell victim to a deadly street racing crash as an innocent bystander in Chatsworth, CA. The news was quick to spread the morning of and we didn't know how to react. We were all dumbfounded in a terrible way. It still boggles my mind till this very day of how he had just came to SP about a week prior to pick up his GT-R when we had finished his SPE1300R upgrade and to hear of the horrible news a week later. *shrugs*

If my memory serves me right, Wilson first came to SP in 2012 for some small aftermarket upgrades. It didn't occur to us till recently that he was an absolute car nut and had a handful of other cool cars at home and even at other shops getting built during the same time we were upgrading his SPE power package. 

Again, if memory serves me right, Wilson pulled the trigger on our SPE950R package back in 2013. After being satisfied with the power and liability, he upgraded to our SPE1000R package a year later. 

If there's one thing that Wilson was really good at, I'd say he was good at being indecisive. Haha. I say that because shortly after upgrading to our SPE1000R, he came back and wanted more power. We all thought he was insane. But, we had to give the man what he wanted and we were happy to help.

Wilson also started concentrating on interior details as well as the exterior of the vehicle. He opted for a few carbon pieces by CarbonTek, a Willall shift light and a MINE's steering wheel. 

The 18" Advan GT's were magical on Wilson's GT-R. It looked right at home mated with M&H drag radial tires. 

Shortly after we had finished tuning his GT-R to 1300whp, Wilson bit the bullet on the RPS carbon-carbon brake kit for that extra stopping power he'd be needing at the drag strip. 

The RPS carbon-carbon brake kit sheds some serious weight! It's incredibly light and bites hard when up to temperature. And they look cool as hell. 

Wilson was a good man. Very humble, kind hearted and was never afraid to ask questions on something he wasn't sure of and would contstantly apologize when he'd think his questions are dumb. We're extremely sad that he was never able to fully enjoy his upgraded package to the fullest. 

RIP Wilson Wong & Eric Siguenza.

Thanks for looking.

- SP