20th anniversary

We're 20 years old! That's right SPE is celebrating our 20th Year Anniversary, and to celebrate we're starting with a 1/2 mile pass down memory lane. Over the next few weeks, we'll be re-featuring many of our old posts so we invite you to join us!

Ready for some nostalgic feels? Here's when Spec R Magazine in Taiwan did a 6 page feature on our SPE1000R Package.



Posted: November 2, 2012

Spec R Taiwan Feature
Spec R Magazine is a publication out in Taiwan that features an array of vehicles from street, drag, drift and even exotics. This magazine pretty much covers what 4 or 5 magazines in the states are able to cover all in one 300 page paperback.

 magazine open

The kind folks at Spec R decided to link up with us for a 6 page feature on a GTR we tuned in Taiwan recently. They were extremely courteous and friendly on our trip out there. They managed to get a lot of nice shots of the GT-R we worked on in this feature.

 page 102

This R35 features our SPE100R package which consists of the following:

SPE Spec Full Blue Print and Balanced Race Engine
SPE Spec H Beam Connecting Rods
SPE Spec Forged Pistons
SPE Spec Ferrea Complete Valvetrain
SPE Spec Camshafts
SPE Spec Greddy Modified 67T / 10cm Turbochargers
SPE Spec Greddy R Type External Wastegate
SPE Spec Greddy Cast Manifolds
SPE Spec Greddy 29R Large Intercooler System
SPE Spec Greddy Aluminum Intercooler Pipe
SPE Spec Greddy Blow Off Valve System
SPE Spec Air Filter + 90mm Suction Pipe
SPE Spec 2000cc Injectors
SPE Spec Fuel Pump System
SPE Spec Fuel Pressure Regulator + Gauge
ATI Crank Damper
HKS Racing Spark Plugs
COBB AccessPORT 005
SPE Custom Computer Calibration

PPG 1st Gear
Dodson 10 Plate Promax Clutch System
Dodson FWD Lock
Dodson Oil Pump Upgrade
Dodson Magnet Kit
Dodson Mechanical Lock 1 & 2
Dodson O-ring and Seal Kit
Dodson Transmission Filter

 magazine open 2

The car made 1017.5HP and 820.9TQ with more potential once the boost is upped to two bars.

 Magazine open 3

We just wanted to give big thanks to the guys over at Spec R magazine for this feature, as well as share this with you guys.

– SP