Boost Controllers

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      HKS EVC-S Boost Controller: 2009 - 2015 R35 GT-R

      HKS EVC-S Boost Controller: 2009 - 2015 R35 GT-R

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      HKS released "EVC-S" from the EVC product series for price-conscious customers. This EVC-S utilizes the solenoid valve. The original EVC's complex functions were simplified and contained in EVC-S. It works for both internal and external wastegate types. Junction connection system that connects the display unit, solenoid valve, and boost sensor to the control unit is utilized for simple installation. Appearance of the display unit was designed to match well with other HKS electronics parts. Learn More
    2. T1 Race Development Brake Boost Kit: 09+ R35 GT-R

      T1 Race Development Brake Boost Kit: 09+ R35 GT-R

      Installation of this kit is very simple and straight forward, but there are a few things you need to understand about what you and your vehicle are doing when this Brake Boost kit is in use. ‘Brake Boosting’ is the act of building boost while holding your speed steady by applying the brakes on the vehicle. In stock form, this is not possible as the ecu closes the throttle when the brakes are applied, regardless of pedal position. Because this kit allows you to go WOT (Wide Open Throttle) with the brakes applied, it’s possible to make as much torque as your engine/turbo setup is capable of while at a steady speed. As you can imagine, this is hard on the brakes. Excessive use of this system WILL cause brake wear. Because of the incredible braking system on the R35, you have the ability to ‘hold’ over 850lb/ft of torque easily! There appears to be a misconception that this is hard on the clutch, but this is false. ‘Brake Boosting’ is no harder on the clutch than making full boost under acceleration. If your clutch is inadequate then you will have issues regardless. It’s highly recommended that you test the brake boosting while datalogging and later review the logs for knock. Holding an engine at full boost at a steady rpm is harder on things and will make tuning that much more critical. While brake boosting it is possible for the engine to see load in areas of your fuel and ignition maps were not seen on the dyno, and consequently areas of the tune that need to be ‘fine tuned’. If you record engine knock while brake boosting, send the log to your tuner and have the tune corrected. We DO NOT recommend using this in Auto mode on the transmission and letting it downshift while on the brake. • T1 Brake Boost Module • T1 Wireless Remotes (2) • T1 Module Mounting Bracket • M8x1.25 Nut • Male to Male Insulated Spade Connector Learn More
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      GReddy Profec: 2009 - 2015 R35 GT-R

      GReddy Profec: 2009 - 2015 R35 GT-R

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      Color OLED Display

      Built in Boost gauge (kPa or PSI)

      3 display types - Numeric, Bar Graph, & Map Graph

      Intuitive Control Screen and Dial control

      2 preset setting, LO & HI, with 3rd timed Scramble boost setting

      (Lo. & Hi.) Set % - to increase boost

      (higer number, higher the boost over base boost level)

      Gain % - wastegate response adjustment

      Start Boost - inital boost response adjustment

      Warning point, warning limiter, peak-hold/Last boost

      compatiable with both actuator style and external wastegate style turbo systems

      revised compact boost solenoid

      Separated Display/Control Unit and Sensor Unit, for easy install

      Intergrated 300kPa (43.5psi) - high performance boost pressure sensor within the Sensor Unit

      Includes adjustable mounting bracket

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