B.J. Baldwin has been around many well-constructed machines throughout his childhood life as he followed many forms of racing from Motocross to rally and road racing.  Moving forward in his career, B.J. has gained four off-road championship titles under his belt and has just recently become the first person in history to drive from start to finish taking the overall win at the 45th running of the SCORE Baja 1000 in 2012.  You may find additional information on our very own off road champion here.

Switching gears Baldwin came to us with one thing in mind which was for more power while still utilizing the factory IHI turbochargers.  We happily obliged and set him up with our SPE650 Plus package which consists of bolt-on components that improve the Nissan GT-R’s power output considerably.

SPE650 Plus :

SPE Spec Race Exhaust
SPE Spec Race Mid-pipe
SPE Spec Turbo Downpipe
SPE Spec Air Suction Pipe Kit 76mm
SPE Spec Spark Plugs Range 9
SPE Spec 1000cc Injectors
SPE Spec Dual 270LPH Fuel Pump System
SPE Custom Computer Calibration
COBB AccessPORT 005


A few of the bolt-on components are pictured above which include; spark plugs, 1000cc injectors, as well as the dual 270LPH fuel pumps which will push the extra fuel needed due to E85’s higher density levels.

K&N filters replace the OE panel filters reducing airflow resistance and improving the overall engine response, as well as engine bay appearance.

One of our shop hands installing the the 1000cc injectors.

SPE spec downpipes installed to increase the factory IHI factory turbochargers output.

The complete exhaust system pictured above will do an excellent job over the stock restricting counterpart in enabling an increase of boost to 17+ psi.

Our SPE Spec Tanabe exhaust system will provide a melody of a tastefully built machine.


To give Baldwins 2013 Gun Metallic GT-R that extra pop we paint matched his calipers.

The entire factory Brembo braking system will now look a lot sleeker behind the OE wheels.

A bit of privacy goes a long way, we had Baldwins windows tinted not only for privacy but for the stealthy aspect.

Last but not least we have Baldwins dyno numbers. There are three different maps pictured here one for 91 octane low boost (blue) as well as 91 octane high boost (green), and finally the E85 map making 579 wheel HP and 554 wheel TQ.

Thanks for checking out our blog if you have any questions or concerns and or inquires regarding any of the said material please email Alex (turboalex@sp-power.com) or Eugene (eugene@sp-power.com).


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