Maintenance is key to the longevity of anyones vehicle.  Whether it be changing your fluids, brake pads, shocks and bushings or all of the above; Maintenance is a must.  Along with keeping the livelihood of ones GT-R alive, modifications to the exterior helps keep one entertained with their ride.

This 2009 Ivory Pearl GT-R came into SP to get a full front brake job along with a new ride height to accommodate its new wheels.

To-Do List:
Resurfaced front rotors
Custom painted red calipers
Project Mu B-Force brake pads
Installation of Swift Spec-R lowering springs
HRE P40SC 20” wheels
Toyo R888

 The arrival of the wheels.

 Disassembling of the front brake setup to get redone.

Project Mu goodies!

 Both front and rear calipers were sent out to get powdercoated red.

Resurfaced front rotors, Project Mu B-Force pads, and powdercoated caliper… Looks so good!

At first, we weren’t so sure if the red lug nuts would work well with the color of the wheels and everything else around it.  But it actually looks good.

The aggressive & simple drop by the Spec R springs.

Not too shabby, I say.

The lug color doesn’t look too bad, right?

Very nice contrast from the wheels and the Ivory Pearl paint.

Please feel free to contact Eugene ( or Will ( for HRE, Project Mu and Swift inquiries.

Thanks for looking!

- SP

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