Recently at SP we’ve had the 2012 GT-R making it’s round. We were lucky enough to get another one in yesterday. For this 2012 model the customer was looking to get some more sound out of his R35, opting for the TiTek titanium race exhaust.

Note: The new diffuser on the 2012 models is very refreshing!

It’s funny when a 2012 model GT-R comes in for work, each time we find something new about the car.  Aside from the aesthetics Nissan has done a great job at altering small parts on the car to make it perform that much better.

Note: The newly updated engine cover is definitely one of the nicer refinements Nissan has made.

TiTek titanium race exhaust!

Out with the old…and in with the new.

Titanium is definitively one of the refinements Nissan doesn’t add to the new 2012 GT-R, but SP Engineering can take care of that!



One Response to 2012 R35 GT-R – TiTek innovations titanium race exhaust install

  1. Peter says:

    Do you have any sound clips? Is it street legal?

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