We received news from our friend Clifford Sutrisno (www.timeatk.com) that there was a Zonda R and Huayra at the Pasadena Art Center for the U.S. debut of the Pagani Huayra. There was no way we were missing this opportunity to see the cars, especially the Zonda R, in the flesh.

We got to the campus, parked, and made our way over to the grass field where the event was held. Lo and behold, the Pagani Zonda R was sitting in the center of the field.

We began shooting the car, from every single possible angle, trying to capture all the lines and details of the car.

There was a sparse crowd around the car at all times, admiring and soaking it all in.

Here’s a shot of the interior through an opening in the polycarbonate side window.

The signature quad-tip exhaust. Look at the massive rear wing and diffuser.

What an amazing piece of engineering. This is probably a once in a lifetime opportunity to see the Zonda R. Thanks again to Clifford Sutrisno for the heads up.

We just wanted to get these pictures up quickly so we can share it with you guys. We will be doing additional post(s) with more pictures and details of the car and event.

-Julian@SPE and Stanley@SPE

One Response to The Zonda R at Pagani Huayra Launch Party

  1. makar tamas says:

    more pagani zonda r photo please!!!!!

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