In addition to the engine upgrade, the Black Ace is receiving a makeover.

Now before you think that the car is getting matte black wrap, it is not. It is satin black. What’s the difference you ask? Matte black has less shine than satin black. Under certain light, the satin black will still gives you a bit of shine and reflection while retaining the overall look of a flat black. It’s difficult to describe the differences are apparent in comparison.

Gloss black vs satin black.

The car sits as it awaits it’s engine.

4 Responses to Ray Hofman – Project Black Ace – Part II

  1. Nath4N says:

    i see his perfromante in the background :D

  2. admin says:

    Good eye! Still waiting for a few parts to finish that car up.

  3. Ohio GTR says:

    that fine black ass

  4. Black Mcgee says:

    I would stick my purple crayon all up in DAT ASS

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