Recently a good friend and customer of ours Jerry, finally pulled the plug and picked himself up a 2009 R35 GTR. It wasn’t long after that Jerry was already on the prowl for more power, and with the recent introduction of our new SPE650 package we had the perfect solution.

What our SPE650 package includes:

-91 Octane – 520-550

-TiTek 90mm Titanium Race Exhaust

-TiTek 90mm Titanium Race Mid-pipe

-Titek 90mm cast stainless steel Down pipe

-HKS Drop-in Filters


*HKS Super Fire Racing Plugs M45HL 9

*SPE Custom Tune

With the installation of our SPE650 package the R35 GTR’s power-train really wakes up and behaves on another level. The exhaust system is able rev about much more freely, and in conjunction with HKS drop in filters allows for better air supply. The exhaust note is much more pronounced with the addition of the TiTek Race exhaust, and to sum-it-up makes the car that much more aggressive pushing it’s power upwards to 520AWHP. Any question’s in regards to our SPE650 package please feel free to contact Eugene

One Response to SPE650 Package Game On!

  1. Sergio Martin says:

    I spoke with Alex a couple months ago about upgrading my future GTR. Well now I recently purchased a 2011 GTR and would like to upgrade it soon to increase power. I noticed your spe650 package and was wondering how this package compared to the HKSGT570 package? I noticed power increase is similar with much fewer parts on your SPE650 package. My car was purchased with a Stillen exhaust system installed. How much is the SPE650 package minus the exhaust since I have one already?

    Thank You
    Sergio Martin

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