We have added a new category to the SP Engineering blog. In the “Nostalgia” category, we will be digging through our archives and bringing back notable projects that we have worked on throughout the years.

We have 2 giant binders filled with film pictures that dates back to the 90s. It’s interesting to see the coming and going of different trends. It’s always interesting to step back and take a look back at the good old times. Sometimes the cars that we worked on end up in the strangest places. Stay SP-tuned for some new and exciting things to come!

2 Responses to History Lessons

  1. Robert says:

    Awesome, I can’t wait see inside those binders. Bring back the old days!

  2. Mike La says:

    Yes, the good ol days. I cant believe you guys still have my supra’s import tuner cover plaque on the wall in the show room. Inspiration to redo the car and bring it back to life

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