This white GT-R came into the shop for some bolt-on upgrades. We installed a Cobb intake, AQ Motorsports down-pipe, Cobb catted mid-pipe, TiTek street exhaust, and HKS spark plugs. With these new parts, the car is sure to breathe much better, leading to overall increased performance and response.

AQ Motorsports down-pipe.

Cobb catted mid-pipe.

After the mods are installed, it’s time to hop onto the Mustang dyno for a tune with the Cobb Access Port.

This GT-R is now making 521 awhp and 519 ft-lb of torque. That is definitely a huge improvement over stock.

The car definitely packs a heavier punch now, but will it be enough? SP Engineering will be here should the owner decide to achieve higher figures.

2 Responses to Another Day Another GT-R

  1. Joseph Siekay says:

    Hello, I’ve been doing some research and I’m finally going to pull the trigger on your SPE1000 package. Who should I contact?

  2. alex says:

    email me

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