Aside from upgrades and tuning, you cannot forget about staying on top of your fluid maintenance. This customer brought in his 2009 GTR to change his differential fluid and transmission fluid. For the differential, we use Red Line 75w140 and for the transmission we use HKS Synthetic DCTF-I oil. In addition, we recalibrate the transmission with the COBB Access Port. All in all, these are routine procedures that must be taken care of  on a regular basis. We’re glad the customer came to us for his needs in keeping his GTR healthy.

After we finish up with the fluid changes, we hook up our COBB Access Port to recalibrate the transmission.


One Response to Changing Your Fluids

  1. Mike Benedetti says:

    I just bought a 2009 Gtr with 13,000 miles now I’m at 22,000 miles and have to change tranny fluid where can I buy cheaper tranny fluid then the dealer this stuff is pricey I just have the cobb tune done to the car.

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