We had the pleasure of working on Jason’s white GT-R. It was a very involving build process with work done to both the engine and the transmission. Jason’s car features our SPE Stage 3, but instead of utilizing the Greddy turbo kit, Jason opted for the HKS GT800. This is SP Engineering’s first time incorporating the HKS GT800 into one of our builds. The HKS GT800 is one of the best kits for those who are seeking all around response up to 900 awhp. The HKS GT800 kit shares the same low end response as the HKS GT570 in our SPE750 kit, but has much more capable upper end power. Therefore, no sacrifices are made throughout the entire RPM range.

To match the increased performance, we performed the SPE Stage 1 Transmission upgrade. This would increase the tolerance of abuse from the power that the engine is making now.

On 104 Sunaco and 1.8 bar, the car put down 829 AWHP and 764 ft-lbs. During the tuning sessions, the roar of the car echoed throughout the entire shop. The sound is nothing short of amazing. The car pulls relentlessly and is amazingly quick.

- Greddy 3.8L Short Block
- JE Pistons
- Carillo Rods
- Tomei PON Camshafts 256/264
- HKS Head Gasket + Manifold Gasket
- HKS GT800 Turbo Kit
- Greddy 29R XL Intercooler Kit + Greddy Blow Off Valve
- SP Engineering 90MM Suction Kit + Greddy AIRNIX Filter
- Titek SUS Resonated Mid Pipe
- HKS Legamax SUS Exhaust
- HKS Spark Plugs
- HKS Dual Fuel Pumps
- D1000CC Injectors
- SPE Fuel Pressure Regulator Kit
- SPE Oil Catch Can

SP Engineering Stage 1 Transmission
- PPG 1st Gear
- Dodson Circlips 1&2
- Dodson Gear Lock
- Dodson Oil Pump Upgrade
- Dodson O-Ring
- Exedy Steel Plate
- 7 Disc Clutch Upgrade (14 Disc)
- Greddy DCT Cooler

One Response to Jason’s SPE GT800

  1. Mike Witherow says:

    Wow this build is perfect for me. Could you please send me the dyno curves so I can look! Really interested in the whole package. Really like your shop and how you present to fine work you do and the fantastic results.


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