As everyone’s weekend’s dwindle to an end, the start of a fresh week awaits. You can always count on Mondays to look forward to. Here at SPE, work is waiting for our techs and office team on a continual basis and today is no exception. In other words… let the good times roll!

R35′s sun bathing, ready and willing to get their time under the knife.

A few others hang out in the garage, while watching their peers become something special. Among them is long-time costumer Ken Henderson’s red Supra.

Parts being dropped off for delivery. The R35′s watch almost as if the candy man has arrived! Maybe I should say the ice cream man as summer time is quickly approaching.

Finally we have our man Khal packing parts for customer pick-ups.

3 Responses to It’s Monday here at SPE!

  1. ari gold says:

    That guy Khal is pretty damn ugly

  2. ari gold says:

    he looks like Don Vito

  3. ari gold says:

    He also looks like a taller version of Danny De Vito

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