Just an update with the ongoing SPE E92 M3 Project, since the install of the Titek titanium exhaust system from the previous update,we have installed a new Titek X-Pipe. Keeping with the overall performance of the car, the new Titek X-Pipe further reduces the weight and significantly increases exhaust flow compared to the stock OEM piping.

The pipe diameter is 2.50"

As you can see, the new Titek X-Pipe system removes all the unnecessary bends found on the OEM piping to increase exhaust flow.

Here is a dyno chart that displays the comparison between the stock OEM exhaust system and the new Titek full titanium exhaust system. The OEM baseline is in red and purple for horsepower and torque respectively. The light blue and dark blue shows the resulting run with the titanium exhaust system and x-pipe installed. Peak torque increased from 241.7 ft-lb to 255.8 ft-lb for a 14.1 ft-lb increase. Horsepower jumped from 313.2 whp to 337.4 whp for an impressive gain of 24.2 whp. Gains are made across the entire band for a proven performance increase.

For more information or if you have any questions please feel free to contact:
eugene@sp-power.com or turboalex@sp-power.com

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