Hi-res pictures of the much kept secret Lamborghini LP700 “Aventador” have finally been exposed from the Geneva International Auto Show. Autoblog.com was one of the first to capture these images and have them up. Needless to say, the new LP700 was well worth the wait to be thrown into the public eye. Being one of the most anticipated exotics to be launched this year (aside from the McLaren MP4-12C), word has it that the LP700 has sold out its pre-sale spots already!

There were three colors being displayed: Grigio Estoque (metallic silver/grey), Bianco Canopus (similar to a matte white), and Arancio Argos (almost a tangerine orange), all of which look absolutely stunning from the pictures. The Grigio Estoque definitely captures my attention more than the others, but perhaps the other hues look better in person.

The styling of the LP700 is still very similar to that of a Murcielago/LP, but the front and rear have definitely been given a more aggressive facelift. The rear is definitely what catches my attention, as it looks extremely aggressive with all the edges and angles dominating the body. I definitely look forward to seeing one of these in person!

Pictures courtesy of AutoBlog.com

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