For all of you 599 GTB enthusiasts WITHOUT connections to attain a Ferrari GTO, SP Engineering offers the GTX version as an alternative for 599 owners who want the “look” along with the additional performance!”

1) Full suspension upgrades (coil springs + F/R sway bars). Retains all factory magnetic field controls.
2) Full SUS F1 sound exhaust system with 2 of 4 front catalytic converters bypassed (NO CHECK ENGINE LIGHT). **Optional titanium version available with remote valve control system.
3) Remap ECM. Calibrated throttle settings, which drastically improve responsiveness of the motor for ULTIMATE PERFORMANCE.

685 BHP can be achieved with our GTX package

[vimeo clip_id=”20535100″]

Here is a rough, but very identical sound clip of the exhaust system at wide open throttle. The exhaust note is extremely distinguishable, and highly comparable to that of an F1 car.

To add a more sporty flair to the 599 GTB, we have added a set of DPE wheels to match the matte black wrapped roof. This GTB definitely looks much more aggressive and sporty than when we first received it. The progression will continue in this three step process of transformation. Stay tuned for the next stage!

8 Responses to Ferrari 599 GTX Stage One Package

  1. REV2RED AUTO says:

    Yo man this thing is sweet, i love the package, sound like something SP would do, keep up the good work guys!

  2. Michael Mack says:

    If you can really get this sucker to 685 HP you have done something very special! I’m interested if that number can be substantiated. Thanks!

  3. Eugene says:

    Please drop us an email at if you’d like additional information on this package. Thanks!

  4. Eugene says:

    Thanks for your support! Team SPE

  5. I have known the owner of this business for about a decade, and if he says it produces that much horsepower…it does.. SP has the capacity to dyno two wheel and all wheel drive exotics. SP’s work is absolutley top notch and extremely innovative!

  6. FuelRiders says:

    Amazing job, amazing sound! Great work guys!

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