This past Sunday I was requested to take some pictures of a Toyota Supra. This Supra was not built by SP Engineering, but the owner’s brother has had his R32 built by us. This Special Edition Supra is extremely clean, and hasnt been tampered with excessively to degrade the value of the car. To find Supras that havent been fully built, or disregarded of their natural beauty isn’t very common. There’s a good reason why Supra’s are still known to be exotics, and to keep one (especially a Special Edition) in almost factory condition is a feat in itself. Of course for all you Supra fans, guru Ken Henderson can tell you all about what it takes to own some of the best Supras in the world!

The shoot took place around 2p, so the sun light was really harsh, and not too friendly. We decided to drive around to find a shady location. Luckily some of the streets of Arcadia/Pasadena provided the right amount of foliage to provide the kind of shade we were looking for. If time hadn’t been an issue we would have much preferred to shoot at sunset.

On to the mini-shoot

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  1. Michael says:

    The Supra looks gorgeous!

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