One of the numerous GTR builds going on this month includes this Silver GTR who was looking to add the essential bolt-ons for a quicker throttle response. AMS downpipes, HKS resonated mid pipe, HKS Racing and Premium Suction kits, HKS spark plugs, COBB AP with custom SPE tune are all being utilized to bring out more juice from the VR38 powerplant.

2 Responses to R35 GTR Bolt On Install SPE Tuned

  1. shane says:

    hi i currently own a stock r35 looking to make some adjustments to get me up to about 600hp comfortably…..any suggestions????

  2. admin says:

    Please give us a call, so we can go into further detail as to what you might need for your specific setup! 626.333.5398 or toll free: 877.605.8545

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