Ever wonder what the hell your GoPro is focused on while its fastened on your favorite car, ready for some indulgent HD captures? Always having to guess whether the GoPro has been set properly, or secured in the right spot is the thing of the past. Being an avid cinematographer, it’s a very joyous day! GoPro has finally released their LCD BacPac, which is essentially a LCD screen that allows you to view what you’re trying to shoot. It has been several years since the GoPro’s have been out, and have been used religiously in the motorsports industry. I’m sure GoPro is already stacked with pre-orders for this nifty add-on. With that being said, we definitely look forward to picking up this decently priced upgrade accessory to strengthen our videos. Only $79.99!!

My response. It’s about damn time! GO GoPro!!!

GoPro Website

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