Alex’s newly acquired Ferrari 599 GTX, just got a little lower. If anyone knows anything about the boss, you know it doesn’t stop here, but the ride height isn’t as aggressive as one would think when they imagine all of Alex’s past toys. The new ride height isn’t what you would call slammed like the Superleggera rockin’ the Volk Racing G2’s, but it definitely adds a more aggressive tone while not affecting the ride quality. Out of all the cars Alex has handled, the 599 GTX is probably the most sophisticated and, dare I say…nonchalant? Giving much reason as to why the ride height isn’t all that aggressive. We definitely look forward to seeing how the boss plans to put his personal touch on this matured model from the Ferrari heritage.

2 Responses to Ferrari 599 GTX Lowered

  1. David Fan says:

    Interesting choice, why not the 458 instead? Can’t wait to see what he does with it.

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