As the day was coming to an end, I had to rush out and take as many snaps as I could of Alex’s newly acquired Corvette ZR1. Luckily this was just after our mobile detailing guys came to make this beauty squeaky clean. Evidently, this car is a “hate it or love it” kind of car, and I must say I really love a lot of things about it. The first thing that caught my attention was the white paint. It definitely reminds me of the Porsche white, which is super clean, vibrant, and overall very innocent. But there is nothing innocent about this ZR1. Under the hood marks a Supercharged LS9 powerhouse. Then comes the newly added Forgestar F-14 wheels, which run under the iForged line, in Satin Black. A replicated carbon fiber rear spoiler and diffuser are matched perfectly with the factory carbon skirts and roof, made by our buddies at APR. This beast shifts butter smooth, but is known to get tail happy when you abuse the handling, similar to that of the S2000, which has only been really tamed by few.

One Response to Corvette ZR1 Shoot

  1. J Allee says:

    Awesome new ride Alex! I love it. Looks very clean/sleek. Curious to hear your impressions after having the car for awhile vs. lambo

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