I know what you’re thinking, two Gallardo’s under new ownership in one week? This is true. Long time buddy of ours Allan has taken the final step, and has decided to sell his Gallardo Twin Turbo. We featured this beauty a few months back, so we thought we’d take a few more snaps of it before it heads to its new owner. Next to Alex’s Superleggera, this is still one of my favorite Gallardo’s to hit the Cali concrete. The RSC bumper paired with all the carbon goodies is nothing but exquisite – carrying a sexy yet sporty appearance. The HRE Monoblocks with the perfect offset also puts this Gallardo as one of the top in the country if not the world.

2 Responses to AllanLambo’less’ Says Farewell to his GTT

  1. Djordje says:

    Beautiful pictures, great car, and very well designed (new) website.

    Only one thing is missing to be perfect.. Bring back high resolution pictures. :)

    Greetings from Serbia :) (somewhere in Europe)

  2. Xiche Lin says:

    I have interest in this product(TWIN TORBO).Is it sold in China?

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