Formula Drift Long Beach was a great turnout.

We started early at 7am with our LP640-TT and R35 GTR ready to go. All that was needed was a cup of Starbucks, a chest filled with the “usual suspects”, and our personnel. We were able to hit the road by 7:40, and got into Long Beach in record breaking time. We were greeted by a ballsy Porsche GT3 upon entering the 710 freeway that made himself known by downshifting twice, but by the time he reached his second gear our LP and GTR were already 1.5 miles ahead of him. Maybe next time?

The morning proved eventful, and setup was a breeze. The line at the entrance started to get pretty long well before the show’s opening time. The day progressed with many onlookers that seemed to be drawn by the only Lamborghini in attendance. Unfortunately we had some slight disturbances with attendees actually touching the cars, which we had to ward off. Next time we will need to set up barriers for our showcased cars.

With most of the morning overcast, and most of the afternoon sunny with a high of about 65 degrees it was perfect weather for the outdoor event. We had plenty of fun, and would like to thank everyone who came out. We would also like to thank the folks at Greddy, HKS, APR, Pro Motion, and our two beautiful models for keeping us well entertained! See you at the next event!!

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