Now, aside from the fact that this S-class is sporting one of the sexiest aero kits on the market, it is also the creme of the crop for all S-class models. This AMG S65 is what I feel the epitome of luxury feels and looks like. The WALD Black Bison kit paired with the 22″ matte black WALD Portofino’s screams extravagance with a slight edginess to it. The cabin is extremely spacious, and you would think the 22′s would make it slightly difficult to maneuver, but the steering is as smooth as butter. And the upgraded Brembo brake kit manages to halt this 604hp twin turbo V12 to an immediate stop.

Unfortunately the setting in which I shot this beauty was not very fitting (and I really couldn’t get the kind of images I wanted for this down), as this head-tuner would be better off being seen and gawked at on Rodeo Drive.

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