This is our full feature of our custom twin turbo LP640, which was completely assembled in-house, and showcases the power and elegance of the turbo kit.

As you can hear from the sound clips, the turbo spool and blow off valves emit a pretty monstrous intonation from the outside, but while seated in the cockpit you’ll find that it’s still virtually quiet, and you don’t need to strain to hear your passenger.

Our LP640 was tuned on 91 pump gas, and recorded 703awhp and 660lbs of torque to all four corners @ 6psi. Please note that this subtle tuning allows the driver to enjoy daily/weekend driving with just the right amount of power. We were aiming for reliability and consistency, over power battles and breaking speed records. Although, those requests can still be achieved if the client wishes.

Our LP640-TT sports carbon aerodynamics from CarbonTEK, and ADV.1 matte black wheels.

These fully custom built twin turbo kits are now available to the public, and are installed by SP techs only! We offer these kits for the Murcielago/LP, Gallardo/Superlegerra, and Diablo platforms.

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