The Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera is a beauty in itself; with the carbon door panels, suede liner gracing every curve of the interior, sleek body lines, and 523 raw horsepower…life can’t get much better. Or can it?

Big “Bossman” Shen’s Super-G has finally returned home from its extended journey in search for a reliable powerplant upgrade. Shen has only looked to one other tuner to handle his own Lamborghni’s, and that is Jason Heffner of Heffner Performance out in Sarasota, FL.

Once the Super-G was off the truck and back in our garage, Shen immediately got to work by tuning the new twin turbo system on the dyno with regular pump gas. The dyno figures reached well above 600whp, while estimated numbers of 900+ horsepower can easily be reached on race gas.

The suspension and wheels were the next in line to be promoted. Shen went with a set of Swift springs to drop the Gallardo another 1.5″ with spring rates of 10.3kg up front, and 12.0kg in the rear. The wheel gods over at Mackin Industries were kind enough to order us the first set of Volk Racing Lambo Spec G2’s sized at 20×9 at the head, and 20×11 out in the back.

With a beefier motor, a more aggressive stance, and a set of some of the sickest wheels we here at SP have seen thus far, you would think all is said and done with this Gallardo…but the “Bossman” is far from finished. There is plenty more in store, and our readers will be the first to know. So keep coming back for more!

Heffner Performance
Mackin Industries
Swift Springs

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